Queer Black Millennial

About QBM

Queer Black Millennial is a platform for Black LGBTQIA+ folks to produce content exclusively by our community, for our community. We aim to curate discourses, blooming at the intersection of Queer, Black, and Millennial, that provoke thought and advances our culture. This space, these voices create and celebrate everything that is salient and sexy to/for us. It is our duty to focus, not on Queerness within Blackness or Blackness performing Queerness–all with a millennial aesthetic–but the magic happening at the collision of all three.


Creative Director/Founder  Jaylen Thomas (Gay; he/him)

Editor-in-Chief Da’Shaun Harrison (Queer; Non-binary; he/him)

Editor-at-Large Jordan Mulkey (Gay; he/him)

Associate Editor Kenya Hunter (Pansexual; she/her)

Video Director Tim Hell (Gay; he/him)

Public Relations Director Adam Chambers (Gay; he/him)

Public Relations

Reggie McGee (Gay; he/him)

Shantelle Donelly (Queer; she/her)

Devante Baker (Gay; he/him)


Chasyn Carter (Queer; she/her)

Chloe Green (Queer; she/they)

Clarissa Brooks (Queer; she/her)

Craig Riddick (Queer; he/him)

Daniel Clayton (Pansexual; he/him)

O’Mar Byrd (Gay; he/him)

Deejay Clarke (Gay; he/him)

Jerrod Davis (Bisexual; he/him)

Miles Hicks (Queer; he/him) 

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