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HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! I hope everyone is ready to celebrate for existing! Because I talk so fast, I decided to put the Do’s & Don’ts below as well! Thank you for Subscribing! Please LIKE, SHARE, & COMMENT!



Incorporate and Celebrate black history and black excellence year-round, not just in February. Use the month of February to dig deeper into history and make connections with the past. Open a book or surf the web and educate yourself about what people of African descent have suffered. 245 years of slavery and 77 years of Jim Crow African American’s deserve a month. We deserve the entire year.

I understand that this generation is responsible for slavery itself. However our generation isn’t too far removed from slavery and the Jim Crow era. Slavery ended in 1865 that was only 151 years ago. Jim Crow ended in the 1960’s, barley 50 years ago. Many of our parents and grandparents lived through the Jim Crow era. Which water fountain did your grandfather drink from?

Continue Learning and dig DEEP! Explore how to provide an in-depth and thorough understanding of black history. Black history does not begin with slavery. The first enslaved person of African descent arrived in Jamestown in 1619, but the history of African people began long before then.

Remember that “black” history is American history. Make black history relevant to all students.

Include the ALL types of “blacks” of the community’s struggle for social justice. For example, trans, queers, etc. Black gay culture IS Black culture! Our culture and contribution is more than just “tea” and “slaying” in the fields on fashion, make up, etc. The LGBT community has been putting their lives on the line just as much, if not more.

Be open to discuss and teach! I know, I know! It’s annoying to think that everyone around you isn’t aware of your history but you should know, already around you isn’t aware of OUR history.


Complain about not having a month or day, it solves nothing. Educate yourself first. If you do some research, you would know that African Americans are not the only marginalized group that has a month. March is National Women’s History Month, May Asian Pacific American Heritage, and Jewish American Heritage month June is Gay Lesbian Pride month, etc.

Focus on superficial cultural traits based on stereotypes. It’s ok to celebrate black music, but teachers should also explore the political and social contexts that give rise to musical forms like hip hop.



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