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A young, gay, and black YouTuber, O’Mar’s goal is to be frank about his life. A lifelong NC resident, he shares his experiences of growing up in the south while struggling with his sexuality, mental health, and accepting his blackness through a tumultuous childhood and adolescence. As he matured, he began to blossom; learning more about who he is and starting to traverse the path of self love and acceptance. From looking at his content, O'Mar is the funny, energetic and introverted nerd who talks about all things nerdy, social justice, and LGBTQIA+ rights. His goal is to show the everyday life of being a gay black man in America through his very own lens. Whether it’s story times about hookups, playthroughs of popular video games, to skits about his all time favorite artist Beyoncé, O'Mar wants everyone to have a good time on his channel and for his followers to take away the following message: "Regardless of how the world sees you, look at yourself in the mirror and love everything about yourself."

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